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2017 – Best Personal Development Book – What Go…

This book was one of the best reads of 2017 for me and one… 

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Podcasts for Startups

Since I'm always looking for new things to listen and learn… 

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Living In A State of Fear

This was by far one of the most interesting articles I… 

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Best Books of 2016

@GoodReads released their list of the 20 Best Books of 2016… 

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Leaders Are Readers!

I have always hear the saying, "Leaders are Readers" and… 

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In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas

As the dust starts to settle from the elections and we look… 

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Mike Rowe on Politics – My Favorite of 2016

If you're not familiar with Mike Rowe, I would highly… 

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How to Be an Adult in Relationships

All I can say about this book is that I have NEVER… 

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