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Why You Must Act Now: Corona & COVID-19

If there is one thing that working at Amazon has taught me, it’s to pay… 

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Top Secret Summer Travel Hints

If you’re planning any last minute summer travel, you might want to check… 

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The Move Back To Tempe, AZ

In an amazing and crazy chain of events, 2017 starts with me moving back to… 

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The ‘Black Magic’ Universal Remote

The idea of ‘One remote to control them all’ isn’t new and… 

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Daybreaker Seattle

After attending theirĀ EPIC launch event, I can’t wait to hitĀ the dance… 

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Mike Rowe on Politics – My Favorite of 2016

If you’re not familiar with Mike Rowe, I would highly recommend checking… 

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Startup Grind Eastside – Dan Price

Really looking forward to attending Startup Grind this month and hearing Dan… 

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