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Alcohol, What’s It Mean to You?

Whether you did Sober-October or are thinkinga bout No-November, taking a look… 

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Love Me A Coffee Nap!

Both naps and coffee are for sure two of my favorite things. Now, much like a… 

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Powerful Lessons in Leadership from Nick Foles & The Super Bowl

The title says it all and this is only ONE of my favorite sections in this… 

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lacing running shoes

The Heel Lock & How to Lace Your Running Shoes

Ever wonder what those extra holes were for on your running shoes?  Me too and… 

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Mtn Bikes and Beer Bottles

Ever been mountain biking and needed to open that beer in your back pack…… 

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The Siren Song of Ironman

Over a year in the making, here is my experience of my first Ironman Triathlon.… 

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