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Why Digital Minimalism

Slowly… that’s how it happens… “Like the once purely… 

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Alcohol, What’s It Mean to You?

Whether you did Sober-October or are thinkinga bout No-November, taking a look… 

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Love Me A Coffee Nap!

Both naps and coffee are for sure two of my favorite things. Now, much like a… 

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Where Are The Men?

Fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, friends, cousins… I’ll find me… 

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Problem Solving is Individual, Meaning is Collective.

Life is ultimately a single-player game, but the only thing that truly makes it… 

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Will vs. Skill

It’s been a bit of a tough week and sometimes a little extra inspiration… 

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Spoiler Alert: You can use all the ‘Productivity Hacks’ you like,… 

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21 Quotes to Change Your Life

I love collecting quotes and have a Trello Board full of some of my favorites… 

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12 People You Probably Know Share Their Morning Routines

2018 finds me playing with routines more and more and how to balance… 

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5 Ways to Become a Better Speaker by @petershankman

I’m thinking about finding a ToastMasters to join… both for some… 

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Relationships – The Good, The Bad and The Truth

If you’re not already a fan of Mark Manson, I suggest you start as he… 

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No One is ‘Normal’

Legos and personal development… is it really any wonder why I think this… 

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F-Bombs and Bikinis: What It Really Means to Be a “Christian”

“You cannot sanitize grace… Grace is messy, offensive and it… 

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Urban Jack

I swear that I didn’t write this, but I do like it.  Not to mention it… 

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A #Wishous Cycle

This short and sweet… and awesome article is a great little nugget about… 

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Fuck Yes or No

This should be more a way of life in general rather than just applying to the… 

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How to Be an Adult in Relationships

All I can say about this book is that I have NEVER highlighted and re-read more… 

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The Swipe Relationship Generation

While this article is directed at millennials, based on my experiences, I would… 

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