In The Land of Camp Grounded, The Pink Bunny Is King

Follow the Pink Bunny… isn’t that what Morpheus said to Neo in the Matrix?  Oh no, it was follow the White Rabbit.  “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” said the White Rabbit to Alice and that’s how she found herself in Wonderland.  Pink, white, blue or heliotrope, it’s not the color of the Rabbit that made the difference, it’s the journey that both Neo and Alice went on.

For Alice and New, both rabbits led to destinations that challenged them and  proved to be life-changing experiences for everyone involved.  I can tell you that this Pink Bunny can suggest a journey just as technology oriented as The Matrix, whimsical & fun as Wonderland and as life-changing as both… just follow me to Camp Grounded.

What is Camp Grounded you ask?  Well, as some of you know, I went to find out in June 2014 and had an amazing time.  However, much like The Matrix and Wonderland, it must be experienced to truly be appreciated.  However, here are some ideas…

The 'rules of camp'
The ‘rules’ of camp
  • Where grown-ups go to unplug, getaway and be kids again.
  • Campers will take over this nostalgic scouts camp to celebrate what it means to be alive.
  • Trade in your computer, cell phone, Instagrams, clocks, schedules and work-jargon for an off-the-grid weekend of pure unadulterated fun.
  • Together we’ll create a community where money is worth little… and individuality, self expression, friendship, freedom and memories are valued most.
  • Disconnect to Reconnect.

Sounds UN-BELIEVE-ABLE right?  I KNOW!!  But it exists!  Seriously, there is a place where hundreds of people come together with no phone, computer or watch for not one, not two, but FOUR DAYS!!!

I know, I know… you’re having a hard time beliveing that this is even possible.  However, thanks to an amazing team from Al Jazeera, a great documentary around digital addiction that features Camp Grounded was created for people just like you who need to see things before they can take the first step… and you’re not the only one who was skeptical… so was Phil.

In addition, here is the Slide Show from 2014…

I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe even recognized who was in the Pink Bunny Outfit.  I am SO THANKFUL that was able to be part of this project.  However, I hope you take it a step further and rather than just watching the video, think about where technology is a benefit to you and where it is an interruption, distraction or even worse, relationship breaker.

Technology is neither good nor bad, it’s how and when we use it that makes the difference.  And while there are days where it feels like a constant struggle to balance, I know that when I take time to be present in time, space and with people, that’s when I feel most connected, not when I’m looking at my phone.

Lastly, I hope you’ll consider joining me at Camp Grounded in 2015.  🙂

Camp Grounded 2015 Registration.
Camp Grounded 2015 Registration.


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