Jack is Leaving the Building

I remember the first call I made to Workday <Val, Mary Ellen? 😉 > asking about the opportunities available and where I might fit within the organization – it seems like so long ago and just yesterday all at the same time.  I was living in Phoenix, AZ at the time and from that first hire day of May 9, 2011 until Nov. 14, 2014, the Workday Roller Coaster has been an amazing ride. One filled with so many fun-filled and amazing ups and some of the most incredibly challenging days I have ever experienced professionally.  I am so grateful for every minute of it.

And like all amazing experiences, there are so many amazing people to thank for trusting me, teaching me, celebrating with me, inspiring me, challenging me, saving my ass and being amazing day in and day out.  From every part of The Bay Area, the entire Workday organization and the awesome ecosystem of partners, to the amazing businesses I worked with who picked Workday to be their system of choice, there are not words to say thank you enough for all that you have shared and helped me become.

And that is just the professional side!  The list of amazing people that I met, played with, ran with, bootcamped with, partied with, hiked with, tasted wine with, Sunday Funday’d with, Bay to Breaker’d with, Giants World Series’d with… TWICE and the 49’er love is too long to list…. There are a lot of amazing places, experiences and people in The City by The Bay and I am so blessed to say that I lived there, have friends there and look forward to visiting regularly!

The last 4 years have seen me move from Phoenix, to San Francisco, to Australia, back to San Francisco and finally settle in Seattle – the city I left in 2001 to go explore the world.  It has been an amazing time of growth,  learning, travel, celebration, friendship and memories that will never be forgotten.  And while there isn’t anything ‘new’ to tell you about, I’m looking forward to a little time off and the challenge of finding another company as great as Workday in a new home and closer to friends and family in Seattle – Back to the Future!

And for the last song…  How about singing along to some Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’!!!!  An SF Classic, memories on the Dance Floor and a great mind-set for the future.

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Thanks for everything,
Aquaman – (a.k.a Jack)

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