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I love being on stage and ‘performing/speaking’.  So much so, that one of my friends calls my life the ‘Jack Show’ since I treat the world like one big stage for me to play on.  While the characters I ‘play’ vary from time to time and I have never won an Oscar, I thrive being in front of people, especially teaching, and always want to find ways to get better.
With that being said, when I started my new role as an instructor, it was important for me to find a way to get feedback from the class that I could use to improve as an instructor and apply to the next class.  After researching different methods and rating scales, I decided to use the SPICE model because it was important for me to not only know if I was being rated a 3 out of 5, but also how and where I needed to improve.  The SPICE Model
is a research-supported audience evaluation that measures specific skill areas, which can then be targeted for improvement.
Those areas are:
  • Speech – Can be clearly heard and easily understood, using pauses and inflection to vary pace and tone.
  • Presence – Appears energetic and in control of the presentation, effectively using gestures and movement to enhance concepts.
  • Interaction – Encourages participation, asks questions, and appears receptive to comments or suggestions.
  • Clarity – Presents an organized, clear message, using concrete examples, supported by uncluttered, easy-to-read slides
  • Expertise – Logically explains and simplifies the content while meeting stated learning/session objectives.

From July until October, I was able to survey 6 classes and a total of 43 students.  The results are shown below.

Evaluation Results


I am really happy withe results and how the classes turned out.  While I have a deep domain knowledge in the subject matter, implementing the software itself was something that I had not personally done.  Therefore, advising and teaching other consultants about best implementation practices was initially a significant challenge – especially with limited ramp time for first classes.

However, while I think the survey results are great, what I am most proud of would be the content that I authored, additional class exercises and content that I created and the pass rate of my classes.  I was able to take the class, change the content, set the grading standards and requirements at a higher level then they were previously and have a 100% passing rate in classes that I taught.  All core concepts were able to be taught in 4 days and then tested via a certification exam with great success.

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