Here are a few of the resources that were either mentioned or went into the preparation of the presentation. Slides can be found here.

Marie Forleo – Everything is Figureoutable. A long-time favorite and some great advice in a format not quite as abrasive as Gary Vaynerchuck.

Darren Daily – #BetterEveryday. Bite-sized nuggets business and personal development of content delivered daily.

Gary Vaynerchuck – Decisions-Action. A great video when you’re trying to make a decision.

Gary Vaynerchuck Daily Subscription/Updates. One of my favorite entrepreneurs and a polarizing force, you will either love it or hate it.

Jocko Wilink – Extreme Ownership & more. Badass advice from a Navy Seal.

David Goggins & Impact Theory – this conversation and Impact Theory as a resource are both great. David Goggins is ultra-hardcore. Gary Vaynerchuck’s interview is great too!

Mark Manson on F%& Yes or No and how to apply it to life along with his best articles. Of his book(s) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F$%^ is my favorite

Newsletter: The Hustle for business. I don’t take in a lot of news, but this is one of my favorites. The Skimm is also a great choice.

My favorite daily planner (and I’ve tried a lot of them!)

Brene Brown is amazing and be sure to catch her Netflix special and TED Talk.

Tim Ferriss – probably started it all for me. His podcast is top-notch and so much more.

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